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Nov. 29th, 2020 - old news
Dungeon Bowl Season!
Hey there, Blood Bowl Fans! It is now time for the Dungeon Bowl! We are preseason matches right now, so if you are wanting to get it... now is the time! The season will run until the end of January. Until we get more players in Southern Utah, each coach in the Southern Utah Conference (SUC) can play another coach up to three (3) times before you MUST play another coach... just can't play with the same team twice in a row! Looking forward to a great season!
- Rawlin B
June 23rd, 2020 - old news
Epic Grudge Match!
In an epic match-up, the Killers and Crusaders faced off against each other in the grudge match of the season, pulling in a crowd of over 32,000 fans! The Crusaders kicked off, and were able to jar the ball loose, by the end of the first half. They got the ball to No9, Palamades, who ran past the beastmen line to get it in for at touchdown! The Killers answered back by red-boxing Bors, and Tristan from the Crusaders, and the Killer's Minotaur went on a rampage of laying out the unfortunate members of the Crusaders Line! In the Second half, Gallahad, was able to scoop up the ball and run it in for a second touchdown, and the Crusaders then kicked it off a second time. The unsuspecting Killers were blitzed by the Crusaders, and with only minutes on the clock the Crusaders were able to knock the ball lose from Killer's rising star, Beastly Tusk (Killer's No2 Beastman) and run it in for a 3-0 victory! What a match sports fans!!!
- Rawlin B
June 13th, 2020 - old news
Forty Thousand Fans!!!
Brutal matchup between the Pukers and the Crusaders! These two popular teams generated a crowd of over forty thousand fans! Butcher's Bill suffered a serious injury from his previous match against Khorne's Killers and was MIA for this match... and it showed! The Pukers dished out three serious injuries, including redboxing the Crusaders star thrower, Lancelot! The Crusaders answered back killing off Pestigor No9, but he simply regenerated himself, and with a smug laugh rejoined his team in the reserves box. One lucky blitz from the Crusaders put them ahead for a clutch win... but paid a heavy penalty in injuries to do it!!!
- Rawlin B
June 7th, 2020 - old news
First Bounty of the Season!
Well Blood Bowl Fans, it was inevitable... the first bounty of the season has been offered on Khornes Killers, Beastman II!!! Yes, the Crusaders put-up some of their winnings against the Cheezewhiz, to incentivize other players to take down the most experienced player in league play to date! However, the next most experienced player is Lancelot from the Crusaders!! So what does THAT mean?!! We will have to wait and see!! The Pestigors have a sleeper tied with Lance for most experienced, so if Lance goes down... well, enough said!!!
- Lou R
June 7th, 2020 - old news
Grudge Match!!!
Wow, sports fans... what a bloody match-up! The Cheezewhiz had a cumulative 13 players KO'd during the course of the match against the Crusaders, and the newly hired Rat Ogre, Muenster, was redboxed with two other team mates. Holy Cannoli!!! This was the grudge match for the season!!!!
- Lou R

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