Old News List

June 7th, 2020
Grudge Match!!!
Wow, sports fans... what a bloody match-up! The Cheezewhiz had a cumulative 13 players KO'd during the course of the match against the Crusaders, and the newly hired Rat Ogre, Muenster, was redboxed with two other team mates. Holy Cannoli!!! This was the grudge match for the season!!!!
- Lou R
June 4th, 2020
Terrors on the Titans!!!
The Titans and the Terrors went head-to-head, but the Titans had to forfeit the match due to a charity dinner debue in Chrace! (We won't talk about the guest appearances from some mermaids!) So, the Titans had to forfeit their winnings (Painful!), and their MVP to the Terrors, but we all know who REALLY won the match! ;D
- Rawlin B
June 1st, 2020
Grudge Match!!!
Well, sports fans... it appears that the Putrescent Pukers and the Khornes Killers have a grudge match going on! With two back-to-back games, and two ties, they will have to play another team each before they can go head-to-head again. Perhaps one of them will find the right mojo to take it to the other team. In the interim, don't forget to keep your apothecaries happy--looks like the Killers were really beaten up on in that last match-up!
- Rawlin B

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